Unofficial Election Results – Thurs, Aug 6, 2015

rsz_headshot_2011-06_img_2126Shortly after 10 PM, the final precinct in Davidson County was tallied.  One precinct in our district was one of the last 20 (out of 161) to be tallied, so although it was pretty clear by 8:00 or 8:30 PM that we were in a tough position, we did make up ground with the final precinct.  The Election Commission still needs to complete the process to make things official, I have little doubt these results will stand.  Although I won the election day voting 607-553 and the Absentee voting 7-5, I could not overcome the deficit that was announced after the polls closed with the early voting results, with Mr Swope taking the early vote 1102-820.  The final tally is 1,660 (53%) for Mr. Swope vs 1,434 (46%) for myself (plus 11 write-in ballots) for a total of 3,105 votes.  This compares favorably to 4 years ago when 6 candidates garnered a total of 2,270 votes.

There will be a run-off election on Sept 10 for Mayor (between Megan Barry and David Fox); and for all five of the Council at-large positions (Karen Bennett, Erin Coleman, John Cooper, Robert Duvall, Erica Gilmore, Jason Holleman, Sharon Hurt, Lonnell Matthews, Bob Mendes, & Jim Shulman).  Anyone who is not yet registered to vote, may do so by August 11 to be eligible to vote in the run-off on Sept 10.

I appreciate all the support and positive messages I received during the campaign and look forward to seeing all of you at various neighborhood and area meetings (or the grocery store) in the coming weeks, months, and years.


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