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Peter Tuttle has worked for small and large businesses in the financial management areas before he hung out his own shingle in the early 1990’s as a tax professional.  In 2006, one of his clients encouraged him to become involved with the Personal Lines Insurance business (Auto – Home – Life – Health).  With the introduction of the PPACA (Obamacare), Peter extended his knowledge base to add more on Health Insurance and Medicare products when his clients were seeking guidance.

Peter enjoys working with people, regardless if it an auto insurance question or help for someone or their parent or neighbor with a Medicare question. He finds that listening skills are very important to find the best fit for any insurance solutions.

Peter has been active in the community with local business and professional organizations while living in Middle Tennessee.  He is a graduate of the Metro Police Citizens Police Academy,  a participant in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood’s Leadership Training in 2015.  He attends and participates in local public meetings regarding infrastructure and zoning, including the Nolensville Rd expansion project, the joint Metro/City of Brentwood study of the Old Hickory Blvd and Maryland Way/Church St / Cloverland corridor, Flood Mitigation meetings, and others. He served for many years on the TN/CPA-IRS Tax Liaison committee and the TN/CPA-State Dept of Revenue Liaison committee.  Tuttle was a 12-year board member of the Nashville Ski Club and served 3 terms as President.  He was active with the  Blind Skier Program which funds experiences for local vision impaired school students.

Tuttle will also use his knowledge of neighborhood issues gleaned from serving on the board of the Bradford Hills HOA.  He is currently serving as President of the 549 member Bradford Hills HOA.  He is an original Titans PSL owner and is a Day-One Predators Season Ticket holder. A recreational hockey player, he can often be found at Ford Ice Center these days (or rather nights).

Prior to moving to Middle Tennessee he was involved as a volunteer with the United Way in their Loaned Executive Program, a volunteer firefighter,  member of the county fire emergency underwater recovery team, and served as an alumni volunteer to both his college fraternity and to other college chapters in the same region.  Peter earned the Eagle Scout rank as a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Peter is an Independent Insurance agent and has a sole-proprietorship CPA business limited to tax which has been his profession for the past 20+ years.  Prior to that, he was a Business Manager for a Fortune 500 company in Nashville and multiple other cities.  That position brought him to work in Nashville in February 1986.  Nashville’s hospitality and the people often reminded him of his maternal grandmother who grew up in a small town outside of Newnan, Georgia.

For contact information on his various businesses, see below.

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Peter Tuttle Insurance
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Peter Tuttle CPA
PO Box 3267; Brentwood TN 37024

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